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Charlie Sliwoski has been employed in the computer and image industry in various capacities for over 30 years. He got his first computer in the mid 80's and never looked back.  


Starting out as a stat camera operator and designing vinyl signage at an art supply store in downtown Seattle. During this time computers were just coming onto the radar of artists and designers. Adobe, Quark and others would put on seminars at the store in order to get a foothold in the artistic community. He went on to cut his teeth as the manager of a pre-press shop working on projects for the wildly successful "Magic: The Gathering" series amongst others.


In the mid 90's Charlie was offered a job at Corbis, a privately held company owned by Bill Gates at the time, in the Imaging Lab at their world headquarters in Bellevue, WA where he worked in various capacities for the next 5 years. This was an exciting time in the imaging industry as rumors swirlled about what Bill Gates might be up to. Since digital imaging was relatively new at the time Charlie was involved in setting the digital standards for the company. These digital standards are still in use by digital companies throughout the world.


The 2000's brought the dot com phenomena and Charlie was lured away from Corbis to work at a succession of start ups in the digital space. One notable company was called Gallery Player and was the first to put copyright protected high resolution images on large screen displays for home and business. Charlie ran the prodution department there where he produced DVD's, did installations at museums and King County Librarys, helped install a system at the Playboy club in Las Vegas and also produced High Definition cable programming for the Gallery Player channel on Comcast. 

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